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Sci-Tech Information

EPRIWeb provides a vast collection of technical information related to all aspects of the electric utility industry. Users should register on-line and allow two to three working days for EPRI to respond via e-mail with a user password. Another EPRI project, EnergySearch,created a search engine to allow users to browse for information from the energy industry instead of the entire Internet.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. offers a wide-variety of information to engineers. In 1998, the IEEE societies published nearly 25% of the world's technical papers in electronics and electrical and computer engineering. IEEE members, divided into societies, are allowed access to information on-line based on their society membership. A list of on-line IEEE publications is available at the IEEE site. Members can also view selected transactions and publications on-line at the Online PEriodical Research Area (OPERA) site. Non-members can view previews of upcoming publications from the IEEE.
Congressional Research Services Reports
The Congressional Research Service Reports relating to the environment are available at a site hosted by the Committee for the National Institute for the Environment. CRS reports pertaining to the sciences are available through the Federation of American Scientists website. (The Congressional Research Service provides detailed background information for use by the committees of Congress.)
Engineering, Scientific and Technical Journals On-Line
The Engineering E-Journal Search Engine gives users full-text search capabilities on a database of over one hundred electronic engineering journals. Chemical Journals On-line includes more than 350 journals available on-line with subscription information.
Electrical Theorums and Formulae
The BOWest Pty Ltd Co. of Australia published this on-line list of electrical theorums and formulae in their electronic library. The information is divided into "Electrical Circuit Theorums," "Electrical Circuit Formulae" and "Electrical System Formulae."
The Engineering Electronic Library of Sweden offers free access to its database of engineering information and links. This site provides good coverage in the subjects of Physics, Mathematics, Energy Technology, Nuclear Technology, Light and Optical Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, General Engineering, Polar Research and Cold Region Technology.
SciCentral presents another portal site for a wide range of all science-related sites and information. The SciCentral site organizes information and links to such categories as Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Physical and Chemical Sciences, and Earth and Space Sciences. Site content includes press releases and feature articles from all the science areas and links to other subject-specific sites.
Directory of Scholarly Societies
The University of Waterloo (Canada) offers this site, a one-stop location for finding scholarly association web sites. Information about these societies and associations are arranged by subject, as well as information about the publicationsor these associations, their conferences and membership information.
The National Technical Information Service is the official source for government-sponsored U.S. and worldwide scientific, technical, engineering, and business-related information. The NTIS gateway gives users the ability to search through a large number of government and government-sponsored databases including FedWorld and the Energy Science and Technology Database, as well as an on-line catalog of technical reports and standards available for purchase at NTIS.
Nuclear Science References WWW Retrieval System
The retrieval system contains references to low and intermediate energy physics research publications listed in the Nuclear Science Reference (NSR) Data File at the National Nuclear Data Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory. Users can search via nuclide, target, incident particle, outgoing particle, reaction, author, keynumber list, subject or quantity. Links to abstracts from the American Physical Society are provided.
NIST Chemistry WebBook
The NIST Chemistry WebBook, created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is a comprehensive database containing thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data of more than 27,000 chemical species. Searches can be performed on a chemical's formula (full or partial), name, CAS registry number, molecular weight, ionization energy, and proton affinity

Updated 11/08/99