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Business Information

Annual Reports
Annual reports can be ordered on-line from the
Public Register Annual Report Service, or viewed on-line at Report Gallery.

Business Journals
Daily and weekly business journals can be accessed on an individual basis, or searched using the
American Business Journal's Newslink site or at the American City Business Journal's website. The Business Page at the Magazine Rack offers links to truly electronicly available magazines


Telephone Numbers
A variety of phone directories exist on-line.
Switchboard includes both white and yellow page lookups. The GTE Superpages site includes the option to search 'nationwide' instead of just by state. At you can search U. S. white pages or search by phone number. Another reverse directory is available on-line called 555-1212.
SEC Filings - Public Companies
The Securities and Exchange Commission requires publicly-traded companies to file regular and event-specific reports for stockholders and the public in general. These filings are available on-line through the
EDGAR site. A searchable directory of companies by industry or by location is available at Companies Online. Edgar People allows researchers to locate names within SEC documents. (This is particularly helpful when trying to find someone's business associations.)
Stock Markets
Stock quotes and current prices are located at a number of sites on the web. These include:
Real Time Quotes, Stockmaster,Stocksite, and Just Quotes . Mutual Funds can be tracked at BigCharts or
Private Companies
Private companies do not trade shares on the stock exchanges and are not required to publish annual reports i.e. there are no shareholders. Information about privately-owned companies can be obtained at the
Hoover's site. A limited amount of information is available without charge, but most information requires a membership. Other good information sites include Wendy Diamond's information, published at Cal State University, and Amelia Kassel's Marketingbase site.
Market News
News from the market itself is available at
the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq. Finally, stock sites can be compared at Cybervest. It describes which sites have charts, how long the information is archived and much more.
Initial Public Offerings
can be searched at a number of places on the web.
IPO Central logs corporate filings in real-time. It is affiliated with Hoover's members get additional benefits when using the site. Ostman's Alert-IPO site lets users search IPO listings by state, industry, underwriter and date. It also offers an e-mail subscription for IPO alerts by mail.
Wall Street Journal can be read on-line by paper subscribers for a slight additional fee. The New York Times can be read in part, but you do have to pay for "premium" pages. The Chicago Tribune is available on-line, as well as the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times. The Omaha World Herald now has a presence on the web, too. Daily newspapers are listed by state at the American Journalism Review site. This includes some information from the Lincoln Journal/Star, Alliance Times-Herald, Grand Island Independent, Hastings Tribune, Norfolk Daily News, North Platte Telegraph, and Scottsbluff Star-Herald. News365 offers links to news, sports, business and sci-tech information from one starting point. Archives for many national newspapers are provided by the Special Libraries Association. However, no Nebraska newspapers are available in the archives.

Updated on February 18, 1999